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Real Life Wedding at Aston Hall Hotel

Real Life Wedding at Aston Hall Hotel

Real Life Wedding at Aston Hall Hotel

How it all began

2 years ago a lovely lady contacted me to help her with her special wedding day at The Aston Hall Hotel. I’m sure she won’t mind me saying that she was a more mature bride so she had firm views on what her wedding day should be like.  Most mature ladies want this day to be even better than the first occasion; as like on my wedding day, it was your Mum who was in control. They made all the decisions and chose what you were having on your wedding day. Not for Jo; she wanted it to be a classy affair with a bit of bling thrown in as which bride doesn’t want a bit of bling on her special day?

We decided on white and silver as this would look fabulous in the marquee at Aston Hall. The chairs were dressed in white chair covers and silver sashes with lots of bling accessories. We designed beautiful bubble balloons filled with silver balloons, tied with a white organza and cascading white led lights. The bride & her best friend had spent several weeks making some special centrepieces for me to sit my balloons in and I think they made a grand job.

Aston Hall Hotel Wedding Marquee room decor

A follower of trends my Bride wanted some giant bubblegum balloons at her wedding too, so we dressed silver giant balloons in tulle and lights and stood them either side of the top table. I think they looked quite spectacular.

Giant bubblegum balloon at Aston Hall Hotel wedding

Being involved from the start of the wedding planning means that I can offer help and advice and one thing that Jo was worried about was making sure that the younger guests had a good time. We decided that a personalized silver heart balloon with the little guest’s name on and a weight which we placed on the tablespace. They went down a storm, little Emerson loved his.

Personalised heart balloon at Aston hall Hotel Wedding


But the piece de resistance was the exploding balloon. This is a giant 3ft balloon was filled with 100 mini balloons and flutter fetti. I fastened it to the ceiling over the dance floor. I made a magic wand so that at any given point the balloon could be burst and all the little balloons and flutter fetti cascading over them. What a picture

Exploding Balloon at Aston Hall Hotel Wedding

You can see more examples of wedding decorations here

I really enjoyed decorating this wedding and I love it when I get super comments from the Bride & Groom after the event.

A Very Happy Couple

What can I say…….. I never knew balloons could look so fantastic until I visited Jacqui. She made our wedding venue look so beautiful . By the time I went back to finalise my requirements I had changed my mind about the colour scheme and the designs etc. Jacqui took it in her stride and helped me create the perfect look. Excellent service. The exploding balloon was great too. I would definitely use this lady again. Thanks very much Jacqui xx

If I can help your big day be extra special please get in touch. I’m not a bad tea maker and sometimes I even have biscuits. You can email me here

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Giant Bubblegum Balloons at my Wedding

Giant Bubblegum Balloons at my Wedding


The Yorkshire war cry.

That’s what most people say when they ask how much the giant bubblegum balloons are. You’ve seen them on Pinterest, Smiley happy Brides holding the giant bubblegum balloons with their new husbands as the photographer takes that ONE photo! 
Colourful giant bubblegum balloons floating from tables with delicate tassels cascading down or the giant balloons lining the aisle in the church as you take your first steps to meet your new husband.
You really, really want them at your wedding BUT you have absolutely no idea how much they cost and are shocked somewhat when you ask that important question.
I totally get that though it’s a lot of money for 1 balloon. But did you know how much helium it takes to inflate a 3ft diameter balloon? Between 0.25cu and 0.3cuft of helium.
That’s around 25-30 x 11” balloons.
So you think I’ll go down the DIY route ……… great stuff.

Things to consider:

You buy the balloon, inflated it with helium you’ve bought from the internet and its burst……you have used up all the gas and now have to start again. Go to the shop and buy another disposable cylinder as you’ve used up all the helium in the first one.
Once its inflated you have to tie this monster balloon and attach a ribbon and a weight.
Want to copy Pinterest? then you need to add a tassel tail or beautiful tulle. Both take time and money.
Once you’ve finished creating your masterpiece you have to transport it to your venue. You will need a van as a 3ft balloon won’t fit in a family car and can you get it through your front door?
Lots of things to consider and factor in….now do you think ‘How Much’ OR ‘Wow That’s fabulous’

Giant bubblegum balloons Bubblegum-Tuille-Wedding-Balloon

bubblegum balloon kelham island
That’s what my clients say to me have a look……

Thank you, Jacqui, for our fab balloons on our wedding day at Hotel van Dyk. Looked absolutely amazing in the ceremony and we got some fab photos with them afterwards too!! Massive hit with the adults and kids alike!! Would defo recommend you to others and use you for other events*****

You can see lots of other designs on my portfolio page here

Or you can get in touch to find out more and visit me at my workshop   

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Alice In Wonderland Theme Wedding Balloons

Alice In Wonderland Theme Wedding Balloons

Aston Hall Hotel Wedding

Alice in Wonderland theming has become pretty popular for a wedding over the last couple of years and I have enjoyed creating some wedding themed balloon displays to complement the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Marquee theming

I was asked to help with a wedding taking place in the Aston Hall Hotel Marquee. A marquee is not a regular shaped room and they have varying heights around the room so this has to be taken into account when deciding what type of décor to use and where.

A must-have for this Bride was the giant bubblegum balloons, which are so popular at the moment and filling Bride to Be’s Pinterest boards.  As they are a great structure and can be adjusted for height; I used giant pastel coloured round and heart shaped balloons with custom-made tassels to strategically place around the room to fill the ‘dead space’ in the marquee.


Tassels are a great way of adding extra personality to the giant balloons and I am able to produce them in custom shapes and designs. So if you were having a butterfly theme, for example, I could make gorgeous sparkly butterflies that cascaded from the top of the giant 3ft balloon.

As the marquee at Aston hall doesn’t have a lining it is very white so the white walls of the marquee responded well to the subtle pastel colours. The rest of the marquee was styled by our friends ‘Love in a Mist’

I think it worked out pretty well what do you think?

Get in touch

I’d love to help you with your special themed wedding, why not give me a call on 01709 789333 or you can email here


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Giant Heart Balloons for themed wedding Giant Heart balloon for themed weddings giant bubblegum balloon for themed weddings Giant bubblegum balloons for themed wedding

Tips for Organising a Baby Shower

Baby Shower 

Baby showers are growing in popularity and I am getting quite a lot of phone calls and email enquiries for help in decorating baby shower parties, so is there something in the water of South Yorkshire?

What is a Baby Shower

After a bit of research, I have found that baby showers are not really a new phenomenon. In ancient Egypt, the celebration took place after the birth when a celebration was in order to purify the mother and baby and celebrate new life. Even during the Victorian era after the birth and everything was well with mum & baby, then a special tea would be held for her complete with lovely china and silver, and gifts presented to the baby. These were known as showers and baby gifts were given. Fast forward a hundred years and like all progress, everything becomes bigger and better so we now have the present day baby showers.

Who Does The Organising?

A baby shower is a great way of getting all your friends together a few weeks before the birth to celebrate with you and exchange practical gifts for the new baby. It’s usually a good friend of the mum to be who organizes the baby shower for the mum to be

What Do We Offer

I do have lots of ideas for baby shower decorations, from the latest organic craze on Pinterest to basic balloon bouquets of 3 balloons.

We can create arches for the present table, balloons inside balloons with a welcome baby. Giant pink or blue balloons with handmade tassels always look spectacular. Lovely smiley stars welcome your little star to your family. I have also made rattles and dummies and everything in-between. Bring me your idea let’s see if I can make it for you

Gender Reveal Parties

I am also asked a lot about ‘gender reveal’ parties. Do I do the ‘great big question mark balloons?’

The answer is yes I do but the greatest barrier is the cost. Helium is costly to fill a 3ft balloon takes .4249cu m of helium. A large disposable tank has .42cu m in it so you would only get 1 large balloon from that. The cost of a disposable cylinder is anything from £20-30 depending on where you get it from.

I charge £25 for my gender reveal balloons which include the balloon mini balloons inside and me inflating it for you. Value for money I think.

If you are thinking of organising a Baby Shower or Gender Reveal Party please get in touch and let’s see what we can create for you. I can be contacted by phone 01709 789333 or you can email me here:

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Christening Balloons

Christening Balloons

Christening Celebration Balloons

I have such a varied balloon business. I literally cater from the cradle to the grave. One of the most special occasions is welcoming a new baby into the world with a Christening celebration.

Christenings are a special occasion bringing families together to celebrate the christening of a new baby.

Styles of christening balloons

Baby boy or baby girl very popular at the moment are large clear balloons with baby pink or baby blue feathers inside. Complement this with a baby themed tassel decoration and how lovely is that. To make things extra special we can write baby’s name on the balloon too.

personalised baby christening balloon

Writing baby’s name in large 4ft letters and making an arch for the cake table is also a great idea.

The beauty of the bubble balloons is that they last such a long time almost 3 weeks and are pretty indestructible so perfect for boisterous children!


It also means you can collect them from my workshop the Friday before the christening if you didn’t want me to come and decorate the whole event for you. It also means you can just have 1 balloon if you so wish.


I have lots of ideas for christening decorations, from basic pearlised latex balloons made into a simple arch, giant 3ft balloons filled with baby blue or baby pink confetti. It’s also possible to have latex balloons with ‘christening day’ pre-printed on them. Or how about giant 3ft heart balloons personalised with baby’s name and christening date. This is something you would be able to keep once it’s gone down and keep it in baby’s memories book.

If you have a christening or naming ceremony that you would like some help with, even if you only want 1 special balloon then please get in touch call me on 10709 789333 or email here

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Milestone Birthday Balloons

Milestone Birthday Balloons

Having a Milestone Birthday Party?

When you reach a milestone birthday such as 30/40/50 etc it’s great to celebrate with your family & friends by having a party so milestone birthday balloons are a great way to express the excitement.

Ultimate Balloon believes no party, especially a birthday party, is complete without a balloon and if you are going to do it do it in style!!

So we create stylish creative balloon décor that reflects the birthday girl or boys personality. You can also add the birthday person’s name for that extra special touch

How do we plan your Milestone Birthday?

I love getting involved in the planning and hearing about the surprises planned and even seeing the baby photos! Over a cuppa at my workshop we can start designing the venue decor. Sometimes there is a specific theme or colour scheme but more often than not its the brainstorming we go along with that creative spark which means we design something truly spectacular. 

Its great to come up with ideas that will enhance the venue and bring the party boy or girls personality to life. I love creating balloon designs that are perfect for the occasion, finding that specific look whilst maintaining the character of the day and across the party filling the spaces with stylish bouncing designer balloons..

The Designs We Create for Your Milestone Birthday

Table centrepieces, balloons inside balloons, for example, are a show stopper.  Giant age balloons are really popular but I enjoy ‘funking’ them up so they are a focal point of the celebration. If you have taken the time to visit me then you want something unique and special so that’s what I do. Put this alongside a fabulous entrance piece such as a mini champagne bottle sculpture and an exploding balloon cascading thousands of pieces of confetti and 100 mini colour coordinated balloons over the dance floor and you have all the ingredients for a great birthday party.

Happy Customers

This is what one of my clients said about a party recently:

Hi Jacqui
Just a quick email to thank you very much for the balloon decorations that you created for my daughter’s 18th birthday party last night and for the table confetti – and for delivering them all to the venue for me.
Jade was thrilled with them all but, in particular, she thought that the funky “18” was amazing. It is now sat in our lounge, towering above everything!
I am so pleased that I contacted you back in July and asked you to help me with the decorations. You did not disappoint!
Thank you again.
Take care.

mini champagne balloon sculpture for milestone birthday marble giant balloon column milestone birthday bubble balloon milestone birthday

All you need now is the guests! 

Happy Planning

After reading this I would love to help you with your milestone birthday or any celebration. The next step would be to get in touch to visit me at my workshop. You can phone me on 01709 789333 or you can email me here

looking forward to meeting you

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